Father's Day Package

Keep your Dad off the ladders and off the roof. Give him the gift of a free gutter cleaning from Highland Window & Gutter Cleaning. Your Dad can stay safely on the ground and boss us around as we climb up and do the job. We even let him tell us what we're doing wrong for free, saving you the hassle! (We have Dads, too. We get it!)

Our Father's Day Package Includes —

  • Clean leaves and debris from gutters by hand

  • Flush gutters and downspouts with water

  • Check gutter pitch to ensure water properly runs to downspout

  • Check downspout to ensure it is not clogged and flows freely

  • Ensure gutter is properly attached and no gutter brackets are missing

  • Courtesy photos of the roof, chimneys, vents, soffit & fascia to alert you to any issues*

  • Special Gift Certificate you can print and give to Dad on Father's Day

  • A free cup of coffee we bring your Dad the day we clean the gutters, from you -reminding him who was thoughtful enough to give him such a great gift! (Bonus!)

We have Dads too - and even the toughest ones will love our impeccable service.

Call today for pricing!

Pricing is unique for each house, so give us a call and we will give you a great price. Your Dad can then call us when he gets his gift to schedule his cleaning. Incidentally, we have kids, too. And Paul says he wishes our kids got us a thoughtful gift like this!

Call today and make Dad's Day! (219) 802-0268

*NOTE: We do not do roofing, nor do we recommend any roofers. Taking photos for you is simply a courtesy service we provide to allow you to see the state and condition of your roof, vents and chimneys while we are up there.